Days of Biomechanics-2014

The Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics (BSB) organizes the Second Conference “Days of Biomechanics-2014” on November 20-21, 2014 in Sofia,Bulgaria. On behalf of the scientific committee, we would like to invite colleagues-researchers (professors, doctors, young scientists and PhD-students) to take part in the conference which topics cover wide range of problems: clinical and tissue engineering; cell and molecular biomechanics; rheology of biological tissues and fluids; transport phenomena in biological systems; mechanics of bioprocess and biofilm systems; computational methods and modeling in biomechanics; biomechanics and control of movement; orthopedic biomechanics; rehabilitation biomechanics; sport biomechanics; biomechanics and sport medicine; functional tissue engineering.

 Proceedings of the conference will be published in special issue of the journal Series on Biomechanics.

 Due to the financial support of the International Society of Biomechanics for BSB as Affiliated Society, during the conference, the PhD-students and the Young Investigators Competition for the Academician G. Brankov award will take place.

The deadline for one-page abstract submission (file.doc, without formulas) is October 20th, 2014, at e-mail:

 Governing Board of the Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics

Taxes and Young Investigator Award

The registration fee for the Second Conference “Days of Biomechanics-2014” is 50 Euro (20 Euro for the members of BSB). The registration fee covers conference materials and publications, tea/coffee breaks. Payment should be done at the conference desk (registration).

Thanks to the financial support of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) to BSB as its Affiliated Society, ISB Young Investigator Award in the name of academician Georgi Brankov, founder of biomechanics in Bulgaria, will take place. Conditions for the competition are:

  1. the age of applicant - 40 years;
  2. the applicant should present personally report in the conference;
  3. to state in the summary that the presentation participates in ISB Young Investigator Award.

The presentations will be assessed by a jure composed of: Professor DSci, PhD, Rositsa Rajkova – Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, BAS; Professor DSci, PhD, Svetoslav Markov – Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS; Associate Professor DSci, PhD, Svetoslav Nikolov – Institute of Mechanics, BAS.

Applications for participation in the conference in ISB Young Investigator Award will be accepted until October 20, 2014 as one page summary (file.doc, no formulas) at

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