The Bulgarian Society of Biomechanics (BSB) was founded on a meeting of 17 scientists in Sofia on September 24, 1991. Those present at this meeting selected the first BSB Executive Committee: Prof. Yuli Toshev – president, Assoc. Prof. Valko Petrov – vice-president, Dr. Rossitsa Raikova – secretary. The BSB statute has been approved under Bulgarian Law and BSB was registered in Sofia (November, 14, 1991).

After the untimely death of Professor Yuli Toshev in 2008, the BSB was re-registered (31.05.2011) at Sofia City Court with the second Executive Committee: Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Stoytchev – president, Assoc. Prof. Svetoslav Nikolov – vice-president, Assist. Prof. Gergana Nikolova – secretary.

At present the BSB consists of 30 regular and 2 honorary members with different academic, research, medical and industrial institutions.

  2. Main objectives of the Association BSB are:

  • Supporting fundamental and applied research in biomechanics
  • Assistance in training of specialists in biomechanics
  • Development of international research in the field of biomechanics and
    its applications
  • Protection of intellectual and professional activities of its
  • Publishing activity jointly with the Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian
    Academy of Sciences, including the magazine "Series on Biomechanics"

To achieve its objectives, the BSB will employ the following means:

  • Organization of national and international scientific meetings and assist
    members of the Association for their participation in them
  • Participation in national and international exchange of scientific
  • Participation in international scientific organizations
  • An annual award honors for the best publication in biomechanics of
    Bulgarian specialist
  • Supporting the training of members of the Association by contributing to
    providing scholarships, fellowships and others
  • Promoting the possibilities of biomechanics and attracting new
    professionals by organizing meetings, discussions, symposia, conferences,
    exhibitions, etc.

The BSB carries on business activities, connected to the realization of goals, such as: consulting, publishing, information, management and marketing. The association does not distribute profits.

    1. Membership in the association is voluntary. Members can be physical and legal persons.
    2. A member of the Association may be any local or foreign bodied natural or legal person or organization, which shares the association's goals and means to achieve them, ready to promote the basic objectives of the Association, accepts and respects the Statute of the Association and pay membership dues regularly.
    3. Members of the Association are regular and honorary.
    4. Honorary member can become every person with a significant contribution to achieving the objectives of the Association.

    Each member of the Association is entitled to:

    1. participate in the activities of the Association
    2. participate with one vote in the General Assembly and to speak on all issues discussed
    3. elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the association
    4. supervise the control to the Aassociation and governing bodies, and make suggestions and complaints concerning the activities of the Association
    5. participate in all initiatives that the association organized
    6. receive an assistance from the Association in conducting its business
    7. receive information from the management of the association in all matters pertaining to the activities of the Association
    8. present and defend their own ideas and initiatives related to the activities of the Association to the Governing Council and General Assembly

    Each member of the Association shall:

    1. comply with the provisions of the Statute and to work actively to implement the goals and objectives of the association
    2. participate in the activities of the Association and attending regular meetings of the General Assembly
    3. implement the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board
    4. contribute to organizational and financial strengthening of the Association and to promote its prestige at home and abroad
    5. protect the property of the association
    6. pay regular membership dues
    7. cooperate with other members on the basis of tolerance, kindness and respect.
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